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New Clip From the HARRY POTTER WIZARD’S COLLECTION Blu-ray Set; J.K. Rowling to Participate in Live Webcast

A new clip from the upcoming Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection Blu-ray and DVD has made it online, featuring Daniel Radcliff (Harry), Rupert Grint (Ron) and director Alfonso Cuarón discussing the third film the series, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which Cuarón took over after original director Chris Columbus stepped down.  The clip is part of an epic collection that will span 31 discs, available September 7th … READ MORE


The popular internet hit Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, created by Joss Whedon in 2008, has been available online and through streaming since its inception, but to continue preaching its gospel to the masses, The CW will be broadcasting it in full October 9th starting at 9PM … READ MORE

About Face: Supermodels Then and Now: TV Review

Though the women (and one man, Calvin Klein) interviewed in photographer and filmmakerTimothy Greenfield-Sanders‘ new documentary about supermodels and aging are all veterans of the scene — from Christy Turlington, 43, to China Machado, 81 — the brief autobiographies and discussions of their heyday do little to illuminate anything new about the fashion world. Peppered throughout, though, are personal comments begging to be further explored. … READ MORE

BREAKING BAD Recap: “Hazard Pay”

When things work out as well as they did in Breaking Bad’s “Hazard Pay” for almost all parties involved (minus Skyler), it’s Vince Gilligan mercifully throwing us a bone.  The violence and intensity takes a break, briefly, and we get a comic interlude that features Badger (Matt Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker).  Badger and Skinny Pete may be the most underrated performers on the show, actually, and often get some of the funniest lines (the only funny lines?).  Introducing Skinny Pete in “Hazard Pay” with him artfully and flawlessly dancing through a piano melody on a keyboard in the music store was funny, but also deeply sad … READ MORE

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Somebody I Used To Know”

Let’s talk about Bill.  Bill was a centerpiece hero character in the first season or two of the show because he was Sookie’s one true love and all of that, and more importantly, got her all involved in the creature world.  What we came to find later was that Bill was actually sent as a spy, but then claimed he fell in love with Sookie on the side.  He left Lorena’s grasp, took up with Sookie, left Sookie, took up with Eric (not like that), and is now more or less leaving Eric to take up with Salome.  He’s a follower without much spine.  But the root of it all is, Bill as a character has almost no continuity … READ MORE





Weekend Links: The Internet Justice League

A video from inside a dust storm. Surreal, fascinating, and somewhat terrifying!
If the internet had a Justice League, who would it include? And who would be each other’s nemeses? Pretty accurate! … READ MORE

Weekend Links: Could You Be An Olympic Medalist?

In honor of the Olympics: could you be a medalist? Find out with the Guardian’s retro interactive game. “See how your personal best in the 100m, 10km, 100m freestyle swim and bicycle road race compares against the all-time greats – and whether your time would have ever earned you a place on the podium. You can also share your results with your friends on Facebook, become a keyboard warrior, unlock secret codes and much more.”
Space, the final frontier … of smell? NASA is attempting to re-create the apparently very distinct aroma of space for those of us stuck around here. … READ MORE

Mark Strong In Talks To Reprise Role In LOW WINTER SUN American Remake

AMC is looking to add another dark police drama to its roster with Low Winter Sun, which originally aired in Britain as a miniseries in 2006.  The revamped American version, which will be a co-production the Dutch Endemol Studios and AMC, will be written and executive produced by Chris Mundy (Criminal Minds). Like the series on which it will be based, this version will feature a detective who murders another detective, believing it to be the perfect crime … READ MORE 

TNT Developing Original Military Drama REACT from SUITS Showrunner and ACT OF VALOR Filmmakers

Former Suits showrunner Sean Jablonski is currently working with TNT to develop React, an originalmilitary series.  Barry Josephson (Bones) and Scott Waugh (who served as producer, director and editor of Relativity Media’s recent Act of Valor) are also signed on to the project.  Waugh will handle the same duties on React as he did with Act of Valor, at least for the pilot.   He will be joined by some of his Bandito Brothers partners should the series get picked up for a full run … READ MORE

Jonathan Rhys Meyers To Star in NBC DRACULA Series

NBC has given the green light to the 10-episode series Dracula, with Jonathan Rhys Myers (The Tudors) set to play the title role.  The series was bought by NBC in January with a “script-to-series” commitment, meaning that if executives liked it it would not have to go through a pilot pitch … READ MORE