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Everything You Need To Know About The DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special, THE SNOWMEN

Though it’s not quite December yet, the countdown is on for the Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Snowmen.  The most important element of this new special will be the introduction of Jenna-Louise Coleman as Matt Smith‘s new companion.  The special was written by executive producer Steven Moffat (also of the BBC’s Sherlock series), and will tackle some very serious emotions for the poor Doctor.  Hit the jump for more on what to expect from The Snowmen, along with the trailer, poster and still images.  The special airs Tuesday, December 25 at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America … READ MORE

ATLwood: Luda crisscrosses the city


– Ludacris has been spotted quite a few places in the last few weeks, I don’t know if he’s just getting out more or people are noticing him for whatever reason, but there you have it. The man formerly known as Chris Lova Lova had dinner at Davio’s (another good spot to see celebs in town) Monday night with about 20 people. Tuesday he also showed up at Nordstrom at Phipps Plaza.

– More Dining Habits of the Rich and Famous, byAJC Buzz: “[Michael] Douglas and [Morgan] Freeman were spotted at Davio’s a number of times (fun trivia: Freeman is a Brussels sprouts fan), and [Robert] De Niro dined at Miller Union while he was here. Douglas also had brunch at Canoe on Sunday while his three colleagues were spotted at various times at Atlanta’s legendary Clermont Lounge.” … READ MORE

Netflix Adds ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’S Fake Shows-Within-The-Show, Featuring A Bizarre Short Video

If you have sometimes wished that the fake TV shows referenced in real TV shows were themselves real, then Netflix is making your Christmas dreams come true.  Hitching their cart to their upcoming revival of Arrested Development as the savior of all things Netflix, the purveyor of online streaming and DVDs through the mail has recently added a swath of fake entertainment referenced in the show, including Caged Wisdom: Musings from PrisonGirls With Low Self-Esteem: Orlando, and of course the film Les Cousins Dangereux … READ MORE

Stephen Colbert Enlists the Men of DOWNTON ABBEY to Perform New Scenes from BREAKING BAD in BREAKING ABBEY

While we poor American souls must wait until January 6th for the third season premiere of Edwardian zeitgeist juggernaut Downton Abbey, that season has already aired in the UK in full (minus the Christmas Special).  However, Downton uber-fan Michelle Obama apparently asked British producers if, as a favor, she could view the tapes early, before they air in the U.S.  Stephen Colbert reacted to this on The Colbert Report last night, with not only indignation to the idea, but by going one step further.  He countered with a sneak peek of his own: new scenes from Breaking Bad … performed by the men of Downton Abbey.  Hit the jump for the video of this hilarious mashup … READ MORE

HOMELAND Season Two Finale Recap: “The Choice”

There’s no denying that the back half of this season of Homeland started sliding off a cliff, and likeBoardwalk Empire (which also just finished up a shaky run) many Homeland fans were looking for this finale to right a lot of the wrongs elsewhere in the season, something Boardwalk Empire did a few weeks ago with aplomb.  Promos for the finale teased high drama and emotions, and conversations this past week among friends, fans and even strangers in line at the grocery store all had the same conclusion about where the series was “clearly” headed.  But in “The Choice,” Homeland reminded us why we should never take anything for granted … READ MORE

ATLwood: Ludacris and Justin Bieber, together again


– Nina Dobrev of “The Vampire Diaries,” as well as her mom and four friends, dined at Cucina Asellina on Saturday night. The group was overheard talking about wrapping up the show and upcoming travel to Italy.

– Ludacris was spotted getting his health on at Nuts ‘N Berries in Brookhaven on Tuesday. Reminds me of the time I once spotted Andre3000 at Rainbow Grocery. No one is too cool for vitamins and pumpkin seeds, y’all. [via ‪@Peachyscoop‬]

– Check out this pic of Joe Manganiello and a fan while he was here filming Ten (which I believe has wrapped now? Yes? No?) … READ MORE

Amish Mafia: TV Review

Discovery’s docu-series on pious youth gone wild adds disclaimers to avoid the controversy that hit TLC’s “Breaking Amish.”

A note to aspiring writers, producers and directors: put the word “Amish” in your title and you are guaranteed a green light.  Discovery is the latest network to hop aboard the Amish bandwagon-buggy with Amish Mafia, a docu-series that follows a group of young men who enforce law and order within their Lancaster, Pennsylvania community, as well as provide protection from outsiders … READ MORE

HOMELAND Recap: “The Motherfucker with a Turban”

One thing lately that Homeland has had in common with Sons of Anarchy is that even when the plot lets you down, the show does a damn fine job of giving satisfying “feels.”  Last week’s Homeland left viewers and critics alike in a quandary: was it a great episode?  A ludicrous one?  Had it turned intoPrison Break? My stance was essentially that it was pretty ridiculous, but as others pointed out, we’ve bought into a pretty ridiculous world here anyway.  Why not believe that terrorists could be using Skype or that a normally subtle character went off the rails screaming a terrorist’s name in the Vice-President’s house?   But “The Motherfucker with a Turban” righted many of those wrongs, and focused almost entirely on the emotional.  It also blew some of the show’s conspiracy theories out of the water, possibly, but hit the jump to get into the specifics … READ MORE