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MAD MEN Recap: “Collaborators”


Has everyone recovered from the Mad Men premiere?  So many mixed emotions this week about that double-dose first episode this season — some great moments, but a dark way to open the new season.  This week though, “Collaborators” settled back down into the show we maybe expect it to be.  We actually spent some time in the Sterling Cooper Draper (Pryce?) offices, and were treated therein to a Reverse Don effect.  There was still plenty of Don staring off into the past and into keyholes (Jon Hammdirected this episode and did an admirable job) and lots of questions about the future, but we also got a healthy dose of office politics and another comparison of Pete’s life versus Don’s.  Hit the jump for why “if you come within 50 feet of this house and so much as open your fly to urinate, I will destroy you.” … READ MORE

MAD MEN Season 6 Premiere Recap: “The Doorway”


Since the Mad Men Season Six screeners were sent out to reviewers, series creator Matthew Weiner has kept an iron fist wrapped tightly around any spoilers (which, for him, means pretty much everything).  Maybe he’s earned that right, but it means that until now, no one has been able to speak one specific word about the return of this cultural juggernaut of a show.  I am breathing a sigh of relief to finally talk about all of the redacted things, because there are many.  This two hour movie-like premiere threw in everything about the series, touching on every major person and every theme we’ve come across over the past six years.  It’s no small feat, and the writing (Weiner wrote the premiere) and directing (by Scott Hornbacher) were as top-notch as ever.  So where exactly do we find Don now, after that suffocatingly bleak end to Season Five?  Hit the jump to find out what you see when you die … READ MORE

New MAD MEN Season 6 Promo Invites Viewers to the “Affair Of The Year”


Notoriously tight-lipped Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has allowed AMC to drop a few more tidbits about the upcoming sixth season of the juggernaut drama in a new on-air promo.  The spot features some of the recently released black and white images that show all of the principle cast draped in late 1960s fashion, but now made slightly 3D (ok, AMC).  It also features the tagline, “You’re invited to the affair of the year.”

Like Season Five, the upcoming season will kick off with a two-hour premiere (without a title as of yet) that will be written by Weiner and directed by executive producer Scott Hornbacher.  The show will also start an hour earlier than its regular time slot (9 p.m.) which it will return to the following week (10 p.m.) with an episode written by Jonathan Igla and Weiner, and directed by series star Jon Hamm.  For the promo spot and more, hit the jump … READ MORE

‘Freakshow’ and ‘Immortalized’: TV Review


“Immortalized” simply baffles, while “Freakshow” could have potential despite a slow start.

AMC is looking to add to its slate of reality series with two new half hour shows that sound like fun, but aren’t. The first, Freakshow, is another incarnation of the “wacky family” series that chronicles the exploits of former music producer Todd Ray and his brood as they operate the Venice Beach Freakshow. If you’re naturally drawn to the strange, and enjoy the oddities of a Victorian sideshow, and have already watched everything that TLC airs, Freakshow might hold some interest. But for the amazing tricks performed, there is an incredible lack of fanfare.  … READ MORE

BREAKING BAD Creator Vince Gilligan Talks the Mid-Season Finale and Planning for the Series Finale

Breaking Bad‘s mid-season finale, which aired this past Sunday, was not as explosive as some of the show’s finales in the past, but it was quietly stunning (quite literally).  The series maneuvered everyone’s favorite (or most hated) high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin into some of his (and the series’) most serious territory yet — a great setup for what is bound to be an extremely anxiety-inducing final eight episodes next summer. … READ MORE

BREAKING BAD Mid-Season Finale Recap: “Gliding Over All”

With Breaking Bad, viewers should know by now that nothing stays good for long.  As I mentioned last week, the gut punch may not be in how things may eventually end up, but the way they get there.  In prior seasons we’ve been teased, often week to week, with cryptic scenes or images without context whose significance, once revealed, is almost nothing like what we could have imagined … READ MORE

BREAKING BAD Recap: “Say My Name”

One of the occasional perks of this gig is getting to see episodes in advance, but this week no such luck as, clearly, the spontaneous head combustion of critics across the country would have tipped somebody off.  One of the things that makes Breaking Bad such a phenomenal show (and the list is long) is its ability to elicit strong, visceral reactions from viewers.  There aren’t many shows I shout at, talk to, coax, cover my face and have to pick my jaw up from the floor and remember to take deep breaths because of … READ MORE

BREAKING BAD Recap: “Buyout”

“Buyout” is one way to describe action that took place this week on Breaking Bad, but there was also an immense amount of payoff as well.  To start, last week’s shock ending set up not only an immediate game-changing arc for Jesse, but longer-term questions about the nature of the business, the payoff from which we were immediately thrown into this week (narratively it paid off but specifically … wow, that was a difficult cold open to get through) … READ MORE

BREAKING BAD Recap: “Dead Freight”

It’s quite difficult to write a spoiler-free opening paragraph here after being so amped up by the hour’s finale.  As the rest of “Dead Freight” ambled on I took it as a middling episode.  Walt continues to hone, with exceptionally creepy precision, his ability to lie and manipulate those closest to him.  Mike, Walt and Jesse talk business, Jesse remains the moral compass and the greatest out of the box thinker of the trio, and screen time spent with Marie saturated us in purple.  Normal Breaking Bad stuff – and it was great, but not exceptional (I’m being a purposefully harsh judge – when a show sets a standard this high, I think it deserves a sharper critical eye).  And then that last thing happened, and my mouth just hung agape for several minutes afterwards.  For more on The Moment and why “it’s all about the weight, yo,” hit the jump … READ MORE