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Netflix Adds ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’S Fake Shows-Within-The-Show, Featuring A Bizarre Short Video

If you have sometimes wished that the fake TV shows referenced in real TV shows were themselves real, then Netflix is making your Christmas dreams come true.  Hitching their cart to their upcoming revival of Arrested Development as the savior of all things Netflix, the purveyor of online streaming and DVDs through the mail has recently added a swath of fake entertainment referenced in the show, including Caged Wisdom: Musings from PrisonGirls With Low Self-Esteem: Orlando, and of course the film Les Cousins Dangereux … READ MORE

Mitch Hurwitz Talks about the New Episodes of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

Though series creator Mitch Hurwitz has stayed mum on many of the plot details regarding the upcoming revival of Arrested Development, he recently spoke to Vulture about the show, and revealed a few “spoilers” (brace yourselves for the big reveal: “Michael walks through a door”) … READ MORE

David Cross Thinks New Season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Will Have 13 Episodes; Ron Howard Shares Images From The Set

All news regarding Arrested Development‘s fourth season is good news, but some is just great.  Though the initial plan was for the new season to run for ten episodes (each of which would focus on a major character), series star David Cross has recently revealed that it’s looking more like thirteen.

The series has never lost momentum or its cult following – in fact, if anything, it’s become even more popular post-cancellation than during its initial run on Fox.  It’s hard to believe that nearly a decade has past since the series first aired, but that doesn’t seem to have any bearing on the quality of the production nor on the excitement of the cast involved … READ MORE

Ron Howard Confirms New Characters for Season Four of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT on Netflix

Now that we know the Netflix-backed Arrested Development project is not just a trick (illusion,illusion!) but actually confirmed, there are finally a few answers to the question of what we can expect from it.  According to Ron Howard, who acts as the show’s narrator, the new season will include some new characters … READ MORE