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The Nerdist: TV Review


Chris Hardwick’s BBC America variety talk show is a club where membership is granted only to those who can keep up with the references.

Geeks are inheriting the Earth, and BBC America wants to join in the fun. Luckily, they’ve brought in some genuine geek talent for it, creating a panel talk show from the popular podcast of the same name,The Nerdist. The comedy-variety show will have a 10-episode run showcasing stars from many beloved nerd series (like Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica) as well as stand-up comedians, games and banter among the panel about all things nerd … READ MORE

Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan: TV Review


BBC America adds to its already strong slate of original programming with an enthusiastically creepy-crawly series hosted by the British actor.

Travel shows have been done and done again, and it’s hard to find one that breaks new ground. The most important element is usually not the scenery but the host, and BBC America found a great one in the British actor Dominic Monaghan (Lost), who tells viewers in the first moments of the series about his life-long passion for anything that might scuttle out from under a large rock.  Monaghan couples boyish charm and unbridled enthusiasm in leading us on a tag-a-long journey as he goes to Vietnam, Ecuador, Namibia and more, where some of the most harrowing insects, snakes and arachnids exist … READ MORE

RIPPER STREET Preview; New BBC America Series Stars Matthew MacFadyen As A Victorian-Era Investigator

The setting of the grimy, gray world of 1889 London, patrolled by a brilliant detective may seem familiar, but BBC America’s new series Ripper Street manages to give fresh life to an old tale. Ripper Street picks up six months after the last (canonical) Jack the Ripper killing, and while the first episode does lean heavily upon the hysteria of the famed murders, it is luckily not the show’s only reason for existing … READ MORE