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Amish Mafia: TV Review

Discovery’s docu-series on pious youth gone wild adds disclaimers to avoid the controversy that hit TLC’s “Breaking Amish.”

A note to aspiring writers, producers and directors: put the word “Amish” in your title and you are guaranteed a green light.  Discovery is the latest network to hop aboard the Amish bandwagon-buggy with Amish Mafia, a docu-series that follows a group of young men who enforce law and order within their Lancaster, Pennsylvania community, as well as provide protection from outsiders … READ MORE

Jungle Gold: TV Review

Though “Jungle Gold” is a good companion series to “Gold Rush,” the two could not be more different in their portrayal of fortune hunting.

After the success of the original gold-mining series Gold Rush (whose third season premiere intros intoJungle Gold), Discovery has taken its fortune hunting in a new direction, tagging along with two Utah men (George and Scott) who have gone to the dense jungles of Ghana to try and strike it rich during Ghana’s current gold rush. … READ MORE

Gold Rush: TV Review

The Discovery series plays up the allure of the mining gamble where hard work doesn’t always pay off, and luck has the final say.

Discovery’s gold mining series Gold Rush has returned for a third season keeping up with the life and trials of three (now split into four) crews of men in various areas around Alaska’s Klondike region, who earn their living (or in many cases, don’t) by mining for gold.  The series will be looking to retain its position as the network’s top-rated show, and while in many ways it presents itself as any other docu-series following those with strange or tough jobs, there is something to Gold Rush that does give it extra spark … READ MORE

One Car Too Far: TV Review

In One Car Too Far, Discovery’s latest man-versus-nature series (or in this case, man and machine versus nature), two men — former British Special Forces soldier Gary Humphrey and Southern California car enthusiast Bill Wu — are dropped in extreme Chilean locales, with the mission during each of the show’s five episodes to find their vehicle and somehow drive it back to civilization .. READ MORE