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GAME OF THRONES Recap: “Walk of Punishment”


By the light of R’hllor, what a fantastic hour of television — this is Game of Thrones at its best.  So many scenes this week were quietly indicative of character.  We didn’t need to rely on sexposition or chatter to get at the heart of things: a simple dragging of a chair spoke volumes.  Even though the show jumped around again this week and visited almost everyone (giving some, like Jon and Stannis, only a few moments of time), it still felt laid-back, accessible, and not frantic in its pacing.  Time spent at Riverrun and King’s Landing and even in the woods with Brienne and Jaime was slow and thoughtful, and did a lot in the way of character building.  Hit the jump for why horse-part crop circles are all the rage north of the Wall. … READ MORE

GAME OF THRONES Recap: “Dark Wings, Dark Words”


After an exciting premiere, Game of Thrones slowed down a little this week and relied on a lot of exposition (but no trademark sexposition!)  Things jumped around quite a bit, checking in on everyone except for Dany and Stannis, which was fairly mind-boggling.  Adding to that, we met quite a few new people.  It’s at times like these I wonder about you non-book readers.  I’m excited to see the faces of familiar characters, whereas I can only imagine most people watching are thinking, “who’s this new, unwashed bearded guy?  I was just starting to get the other 39 unwashed, bearded guys straight!”  Actually occasionally I feel that way, too.  Anyway, this week we swirled all around the Seven Kingdoms and came out knowing a lot more than we did, without really knowing too much.  Hit the jump, I have lemon cakes! … READ MORE

GAME OF THRONES Season 3 Premiere Recap: “Valar Dohaeris”


Game of Thrones returns — welcome back to Westeros, ladies and hedge knights, wenches and thieves.  You are forgiven for thinking in the episode’s first few minutes that you still had the dial on AMC and had stumbled onto The Walking Dead, but things picked right back up north of the wall where the show left them, with Sam lost in the whiteness and coming across something, well, undead.  In case you had forgotten, Winter is Coming.  In fact, it seems to be here.  And for most of the rest of the hour we checked back in on all of those poor Southren folk who know not what wickedness their way comes.  Hit the jump for more on who we saw (and who we didn’t) in this episode that moved from ice to fire … READ MORE

GAME OF THRONES Season Two Comprehensive Recap: Where Things Left Off in Westeros


HBO’s juggernaut drama Game of Thrones returns next week with its third season, and for the first time Collider will be doing weekly recaps of all of the action.  In the meantime, with all of the many, many storylines and innumerable characters swirling around in Westeros (and, for the moment, Qarth) why not take a look back at where things left off last year, with a comprehensive list of who is where, and where they will be heading.  No spoilers for the upcoming season, but obviously if you haven’t finished Season Two then in the name of the Seven go no further!  Hit the jump for why you never, ever want to hear three horn blasts on the Wall. … READ MORE

New Images of Emilia Clarke and Iain Glen from the GAME OF THRONES Moroccan Set

Some new photos have emerged from Game of Thrones‘ Moroccan set, which is where the scenes featuring the exiled Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) take place.  The series, which films in a number of locations including Northern Ireland, Malta and Croatia, has just added a third filming unit called “Raven” (in addition to “Dragon” and “Wolf”). It seems that one of the most complicated shooting schedules in television is growing larger (Growing Strong?).  Hit the jump for the photos and a few comments, with book and third season plot spoilers! … READ MORE

New Images From the Set of GAME OF THRONES Season Three Show More Non-Book Scene

Game of Thrones fans who have read the book series on which it is based are pretty divided about extra scenes being added to the series that weren’t in the original materials.  But A Song of Ice and Fireisn’t sacred text (nor is George R. R. Martin a sacred writer, as anyone who has read his sex scenes knows), and many of the changes (like expansions to Robb Stark’s story, plus Renly and Loras’ relationship, etc) have been welcomed.  Still, there are others that have not been so well received, and rightly so, because they’ve very much changed some of the overarching dynamics of the characters (back to Robb Stark again, and also Littlefinger) … READ MORE

Ciarán Hinds Cast As GAME OF THRONES Season 3′s “King Beyond The Wall” Mance Rayder

Though a slew of actors were recently announced at Comic Con as new additions to HBO’s Game of Thrones third season cast, one of the biggest roles remained a mystery — that of Mance Rayder, known as the “King Beyond the Wall.”  Though exhaustive speculation and fancasting has taken place since the series’ first began regarding who might play the popular character, it was revealed today that Irish actor Ciarán Hinds (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) will take the role. … READ MORE

New GAME OF THRONES Season 3 Set Photos Reveal Riverrun

Recently, a few new photos from (one of the many) Game of Thrones season three sets has come to light, showing a small portion of one of the larger houses of Westeros. Yes, just when you think you’ve gotten a grasp on all of the characters and locations in Game of Thrones, there’s a new season on the horizon full of even more people and places to keep track of.  But for fans of the book series, the revelations in casting and location scouting are exciting in order to see how showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are adapting certain aspects of the A Song of Ice and Fire world … READ MORE

A Complete Guide to the New ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Cast Members

For the last few years, San Diego Comic Con has acted in part as HBO’s debutant ball, where fans can always look forward to some surprises and special announcements that accompany the panels. Though the “Game of Thrones” panel itself left something to be desired (mostly thanks to the book series’ author George R.R. Martin being a terribly inept host), the revelation of 14 new cast members (9 of whom appeared in a promotional video) did not disappoint. … READ MORE