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GAME OF THRONES Recap: “Walk of Punishment”


By the light of R’hllor, what a fantastic hour of television — this is Game of Thrones at its best.  So many scenes this week were quietly indicative of character.  We didn’t need to rely on sexposition or chatter to get at the heart of things: a simple dragging of a chair spoke volumes.  Even though the show jumped around again this week and visited almost everyone (giving some, like Jon and Stannis, only a few moments of time), it still felt laid-back, accessible, and not frantic in its pacing.  Time spent at Riverrun and King’s Landing and even in the woods with Brienne and Jaime was slow and thoughtful, and did a lot in the way of character building.  Hit the jump for why horse-part crop circles are all the rage north of the Wall. … READ MORE

GAME OF THRONES Recap: “Dark Wings, Dark Words”


After an exciting premiere, Game of Thrones slowed down a little this week and relied on a lot of exposition (but no trademark sexposition!)  Things jumped around quite a bit, checking in on everyone except for Dany and Stannis, which was fairly mind-boggling.  Adding to that, we met quite a few new people.  It’s at times like these I wonder about you non-book readers.  I’m excited to see the faces of familiar characters, whereas I can only imagine most people watching are thinking, “who’s this new, unwashed bearded guy?  I was just starting to get the other 39 unwashed, bearded guys straight!”  Actually occasionally I feel that way, too.  Anyway, this week we swirled all around the Seven Kingdoms and came out knowing a lot more than we did, without really knowing too much.  Hit the jump, I have lemon cakes! … READ MORE

GAME OF THRONES Season 3 Premiere Recap: “Valar Dohaeris”


Game of Thrones returns — welcome back to Westeros, ladies and hedge knights, wenches and thieves.  You are forgiven for thinking in the episode’s first few minutes that you still had the dial on AMC and had stumbled onto The Walking Dead, but things picked right back up north of the wall where the show left them, with Sam lost in the whiteness and coming across something, well, undead.  In case you had forgotten, Winter is Coming.  In fact, it seems to be here.  And for most of the rest of the hour we checked back in on all of those poor Southren folk who know not what wickedness their way comes.  Hit the jump for more on who we saw (and who we didn’t) in this episode that moved from ice to fire … READ MORE

GAME OF THRONES Season Two Comprehensive Recap: Where Things Left Off in Westeros


HBO’s juggernaut drama Game of Thrones returns next week with its third season, and for the first time Collider will be doing weekly recaps of all of the action.  In the meantime, with all of the many, many storylines and innumerable characters swirling around in Westeros (and, for the moment, Qarth) why not take a look back at where things left off last year, with a comprehensive list of who is where, and where they will be heading.  No spoilers for the upcoming season, but obviously if you haven’t finished Season Two then in the name of the Seven go no further!  Hit the jump for why you never, ever want to hear three horn blasts on the Wall. … READ MORE

‘Girls’: Did Lena Dunham Go Too Far?


The always-controversial series took things to a new level — or sunk there — during Sunday night’s broadcast titled “On All Fours.”

Did Girls visually assault us? As a friend said, Sunday’s episode of Girls was “the most uncomfortable half-hour of television I’ve ever watched.” Lena Dunham‘s HBO series always has generated heated debate, from the protestations that she’s not the voice of a generation (a satirical line somehow made concrete) to the discussion of her insistent nudity (I think I’ve seen her breasts more than my own). There are lots of things about Girls that work, plenty of perceptive bits of Millennial culture that make us Millennials cringe with self-loathing — or laugh with recognition — but there’s also quite a bit more that makes us just wonder … READ MORE

GIRLS Recap: “On All Fours,” Plus A Sneak Peek At The Season Finale


Oh my.  I’m not sure what to do with this season of Girls.  It’s been all over the place — from a strong, legitimately funny start to some strange, meditative episodes (Hannah and her affair with the doctor, Jessa’s trip back home), to the odd and boring (“On All Fours”).  This season has become less of a commentary on girls, these or otherwise, and more of a ritualistic humiliation that has zapped one character off of the map completely (please come back, Jessa, please!)  As for this week, the best I can do with “On All Fours” is that it seemed to be about returning to your base instincts and coming to terms with who you really are.  Or something.  Hit the jump for why “I’ve been known to dabble in the Macintosh arts.” … READ MORE

GIRLS Recap: “It’s Back”


With Jessa out of the picture this week on Girls (for how long and how far we know not), I felt as nervous as Shoshanna.  When will she be back?  When she put Hannah in her place for not knowing the difference between when something is a sexual escapade and when it’s not?  We know Jessa will be ok — as Ray points out, “she’s a fucking hustler.  And not in a good way.”  But what about us?  Will we be ok dealing with Hannah’s sudden onset OCD and Marnie’s insecurity issues for half an hour?  Or will we need Shoshanna to help save the day?  Hit the jump for what came back, and why “pantomiming is an inadequate way to express yourself (we have talked about this!)” … READ MORE

Ron Livingston and Brian Geraghty Join Cast Of HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE


HBO’s prohibition-era drama Boardwalk Empire, which stars Steve Buscemi as bootlegging Atlantic City gangster Nucky Thompson, ended its uneven third season this past fall with a bloodbath of epic proportions, so it’s no surprise they’re already casting some new faces (even though all luckily of our heroes survived the fallout).

The Hurt Locker‘s Brian Geraghty is reported to have accepted a recurring role for the upcoming fourth season playing Loren Knox, and Prohibition agent with ulterior motives newly assigned to Atlantic City.  Ron Livingston (Band of Brothers) has also been cast in a series regular role as a wealthy out-of-town businessman who starts up a relationship with Gillian Darmody (Gretchen Mol).  For more on these casting choices (with minimal spoilers), hit the jump … READ MORE

PARADE’S END Preview; HBO’s Miniseries Has Storytelling That Blows DOWNTON ABBEY Out Of The Water


Parade’s End, a new five-part miniseries adaptation by Tom Stoppard (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead) of Ford Maddox Ford’s novels, is everything viewers wanted from Downton Abbey‘s second season, but didn’t get.  Whereas Downton Abbey shunted the First World War to the side (and created it as a place where one could just jaunt home every weekend or whenever one felt like it),Parade’s End uses it as a centerpiece dramatically and emotionally.  The Edwardian period has regained a huge amount of popularity lately, mostly thanks to Downton, but even if you’re growing tired of costume dramas and staid portrayals of a bygone era of England, whose opulance is beyond anything we could imagine, don’t overlook Parade’s End.  It will absolutely not let you down.  Hit the jump for more about the adaptation, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock), Rebecca Hall (The Town) and Adelaide Clemens (The Great Gatsby) … READ MORE

GIRLS Recap: “Video Games”


This week’s Girls actually found a way to improve upon last week’s fantastic Adam-Ray adventure by focusing, finally, on Jessa.  Jessa has often been a caricature at best, and while we have see a few glimpses of real emotion and fragility with her relationship with Thomas-John, she’s always existed on the fringes of the Girls group, floating in and out of episodes or even the frame (as she did last week).  Jessa’s breakdown with Thomas-John also hinted at a damaged past, one where the stability of a “normal” man would be something she innately seeks, even if consciously she doesn’t recognize it.  In “Video Games” she mentions briefly about how he doesn’t even want to work on their relationship, but suggesting in her tone that she did want to.  She doesn’t want to be her father, and “Video Games” showed us exactly why.  Hit the jump for why “I am the child!” … READ MORE