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DEFIANCE Preview; New Syfy Series Is Also a $100 Million Joint Gaming Venture


There have been many attempts to marry the TV and gaming worlds with interactive features that encourage viewers to immerse fully in a fantasy universe.  Most don’t take.  But the Syfy channel and game developer Trion Worlds are betting big — like a reported $100 million big — that their collaboration of science fiction TV show and first person shooter MMO will turn out to be a hit.

Defiance is set a mere 33 years in the future, where humans now live side by side with a number of alien races.  The world looks exceptionally different than it does now, with alien technology augmenting our science, and something called the “Pale Wars” destroying much of the planet.  St. Louis, it turns out, is one of the only refuges of civilization left, but those within its gated walls still have plenty to fear.  Hit the jump for more on this new series, and whether it’s worth a watch. … READ MORE


The road to Blood and Chrome, the Battlestar Galactica prequel (and technically Caprica sequel), has been a long one for fans and the series itself.  Originally pitched as a full series to run on Syfy, it wavered in limbo for awhile until the network decided to run it as an online series broken up into ten, 7-12 minute episodes to be released starting today on Machinima Prime’s YouTube channel (though it will also air as a movie on Syfy in 2013). … READ MORE

Hot Set: TV Review

Last year, Syfy introduced the competition series Face Off, which pit prosthetic makeup artists against one another in weekly challenges leading up to a grand prize. Their newest competition show Hot Set, from the same production company, follows the basic formula of Face Off, except instead of weekly prizes and eliminations leading up to a finale, the show brings in two different Hollywood production designers each week to compete head-to-head and create science fiction, fantasy or horror genre movie sets for a $10,000 prize … READ MORE