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King of the Nerds: TV Review

The signs are all there: Game of Thrones is a popular TV series, Doctor Who is getting its highest ratings in the U.S. ever, the White House has had to make an official statement about Death Stars — the geeks are inheriting the Earth. Now, that particular subculture is getting some devoted programming — not as much as the Amish or anyone searching for gold — in a new one-hour series: TBS’ competition showKing of the Nerds.

King of the Nerds helps heighten the delineations about what makes a nerd a nerd (and uses the word “nerd” at least 40,000 times in the premiere episode) and also highlights the subgroups within nerd-dom itself. Eleven competitors, each with a certain specialty (for example, comic books, neuroscience, math, fantasy literature, computer gaming), have been brought together to “Nerdvana,” a geekily pimped house that is reminiscent of an MTVReal World pad, to compete for the chance to win $100,000 and be crowned King of the Nerds … READ MORE

COUGAR TOWN Season 4 Preview

TBS established itself as cable-channel-as-lifeboat when it offered Conan O’Brien safe harbor in their lineup after what I’ll call “The Jay Leno Incident.”  Its latest revived series is ABC’s discarded /Courteney-Cox‘s-Cleavage-helmed Cougar Town, much to the toast of Big Carl (and Big Joe) lovin’ fans everywhere.  The biggest question though surely is whether or not the show is similar to its old format, and that I can answer without hesitation: 100% yes.  Though the network has changed, there’s no sense of transition, just relief to see the familiar faces of the cul-de-sac … READ MORE