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Best Funeral Ever: TV Review

Despite its sensationalized title, TLC’s newest docudrama, Best Funeral Ever, is surprisingly not a monstrosity. The hourlong special (which, if popular, could produce a full series) chronicles the employees of the Dallas-based Golden Gate Funeral Home as they plan extravagant “home-going celebrations” for the dead. Unlike traditional funeral homes, Golden Gate specializes in a positive and theatrical ode to life. As owner John Beckwith Jr. says, “If [the deceased] wanted to dunk a basketball, we can make that happen.”

There’s no Weekend at Bernie’s crossover here, though. Golden Gate might decorate the casket or urn and put on a show around it, but a certain kind of dignity remains. Beckwith and his staff, all of whom have distinctive and colorful personalities (some of which are ripe for natural drama, such as when the bombastic Trendnard butts heads with cautious Eplunus), appear to genuinely want to give families of the deceased something to smile about. During the course of the hour they manage to do just that, eliciting genuine laughs and sincere emotion that can’t help but spill over to viewers … READ MORE

Sin City Rules: TV Review

From the producers of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” comes a new reality series about Vegas women behaving badly.

What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas, thanks to the new TLC series Sin City Rules, which follows five “powerful” women (ironic quotes necessary) who come together to bicker and brawl and reassure each other they are united in their strength before doing whatever possible to bring each other down.  … READ MORE

Honey Boo Boo Press Tour: The Guilty Pleasure Goes Horribly Wrong (Analysis)

When the star of TLC’s phenomenon tells a TV host “fans come up and talk to me and I hate it,” she’s clearly ready for a time out, says THR’s reality TV writer.

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, the Toddlers and Tiaras breakout star who now is the driving force behind another TLC reality show dedicated exclusively to her and her moniker, has been eating and sassing her way along the West Coast on a recent press tour. Alana and her mother Junestopped off at TMZ, Access Hollywood andJimmy Kimmel Live! during the whirlwind, with a particularly memorable experience with Dr. Drew Pinsky on his HLN showDr. Drew On Call. READ MORE

Extreme Cheapskates: TV Review

The first thing that should be mentioned about TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, the network’s latest offering in their dogged commitment as purveyors of Victorian sideshow, is that it is not for weak stomachs. During the course of six half-hour episodes, the series introduces viewers to nine “thrifty” individuals who cut costs (or eliminate them all together) by dumpster diving, not flushing toilets, reusing dental floss and other such habits that most people would not consider adopting unless absolutely required to for survival … READ MORE

Secret Princes: TV Review

Dating shows are a dime a dozen, but TLC’s venture into the genre, Secret Princes, feels different because it nearly comes across as — dare I say — natural. Lacking the extreme high gloss and plastic nature (so far) of ABC’s The Bachelor and sister show The Bachelorette (though not its basement-dwelling monster child Bachelor Pad, which doesn’t even pretend to have class but is the most fun), Secret Princesendeavors to have their four royals-in-disguise meet and mingle with “regular” girls in Atlanta with the hope of finding the right one for each of them to bring home as their princess or lady of the manor … READ MORE

Breaking Amish: TV Review

TLC has found another subset of America to hover a microscope over, this time acting not only as documentarian but as liberator. Their new series Breaking Amish follows five young adults who find the courage to leave their restrictive communities. The group head to New York City, where the series looks like it may transform into MTV’s The Real World, in which (or so it used to be with that show) somewhat sheltered youths begin experimenting with alcohol, living up the nightlife, and experiencing the drama and heartache of relationships for the first time … READ MORE