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TRUE BLOOD Season 5 Finale Recap: “Save Yourself”

A year?  We have to wait a year to find out the result of that-thing-that-happened?  What am I supposed to do until then?  If you have been following these reviews this season you’ll know my stance on the show, particularly last year’s unfortunate offerings.  I wanted to give True Blood up for dead, but then it drew me – and all of us – back into its sticky sweet gooey web of vamp mush and here we all are, once again at the end of another season … READ MORE

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Sunset”

An episode like “Sunset” leaves me with a chuckle, a sigh and several shakes of my head.  But ultimately, as we close in on the end of the season, I think overall it can be deemed successful.  True Blood is never going to go down in the canon of great television, but it has an ever-growing audience of devoted (if wary) fans who get sucked back every year because the series is pure, addictive summer candy … READ MORE

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Gone, Gone, Gone”

Slow clap for True Blood, which after a few very rocky episodes has righted the ship.  One of the best things about “Gone, Gone Gone” was how some of the boring stories are finally, indeed, gone!  At least for now.  Away into the wind is the Ifrit, I guess – who cares?  No Alcide this week either, which, though his story regarding werewolf politics was mildly interesting, was not something I even noticed or missed until compiling my notes for review.  Sam and Luna even mercifully limited themselves to a cameo in which they were both naked (Sam got a little more time earlier on clothed as well, but still) or in mouse form.  The cutting down and combining of plots was a great relief to the episode, which may be one of the best of the season … READ MORE

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

My relationship with True Blood sometimes feels a lot like Sam and Luna’s, at least in this episode.  “You are so fucking annoying!  I love you!” Sam snarls at her to which she replies through gritted teeth “love you, too.”  Every year I swear True Blood off, and every year I come crawling back because it looks like it might finally have redeemed itself and recaptured the magic of its first season.  This current, wildly uneven season has proven that there’s always going to be enough there to keep most viewers coming back, and a lot of it was on show in “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” …. READ MORE

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Somebody I Used To Know”

Let’s talk about Bill.  Bill was a centerpiece hero character in the first season or two of the show because he was Sookie’s one true love and all of that, and more importantly, got her all involved in the creature world.  What we came to find later was that Bill was actually sent as a spy, but then claimed he fell in love with Sookie on the side.  He left Lorena’s grasp, took up with Sookie, left Sookie, took up with Eric (not like that), and is now more or less leaving Eric to take up with Salome.  He’s a follower without much spine.  But the root of it all is, Bill as a character has almost no continuity … READ MORE





TRUE BLOOD Recap: “In The Beginning”

Last week I mentioned how True Blood is a show that can convince you, as Holly confirms to Arlene, that a smoke monster could well be the cause of your house fire and not the demon baby “like we thought.”  But this week, after praising the turn True Blood made in the first half of the season towards fun – if still completely illogical – happenings, we came to the sentence “my wife will drink the blood I collect from your brain.”  And that is when I wrote “game over” and put my pen down.  The frantically paced fallacies overwhelmed some of the better stories, yes, but the real problem is that there are simply too many stories … READ MORE

TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Hopeless”


True Blood at its best and at its worst is still entertaining.  Though we may feel compelled to roll our eyes at some of its most ridiculous storylines, humor is never far.  The best True Blood episodes combine workable mythology alongside its innate snark, and this season has given that us in spades.  It’s a show that tricks you into nodding in assent when a character solemnly says, “turns out it was a crazy smoke monster who wanted to kill me, not the demon baby like we thought.” Of course. … READ MORE