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‘Vegas’ Season 1, Episode 7 Recap

“Vegas” continues to get better and better, not only starting to find its rhythm narratively but also by doubling back and building on stories it’s already established. The Case of the Week plots aren’t always throwaways – the Milwaukee crew from a few weeks back that Savino had killed is found (Pro Tip: never bury your bodies on farm land!), which heralds the return of Jones, full (or real) name unknown. What is known is that he’s a cold-blooded killer and very smart about his trade.

This is where my praise dims slightly. Jones is a fantastic character, and him coming after Savino could have given a least another week of narrative tension, but Ralph is able to disarm him and arrest him pretty easily in his typical Ralph Wins All The Things ways … READ MORE

‘Vegas’ Season 1, Episode 5 Recap

Despite carrying a decent portion of the ratings share (and renewing it for a full season), CBS is reportedly cool towards “Vegas,” although when that has ever been indicative of quality, I know not. They try to kill the “The Good Wife” every year yet persist in foisting “Two and a Half Men” on the country. I don’t trust you, CBS.

Even for those who have been complaining “Vegas” is slow (and yes, more happened in the first 30 minutes of “Nashville” than in “Vegas” so far in total), “Solid Citizens” got everything right, and for the first time I found myself truly able to say, more than the generic “it’s a good show” that “this was a great episode.” … READ MORE

‘Vegas’ Season 1, Episode 5 Recap

It struck me last night that where “Vegas” has gone right and the quickly cancelled “Pan Am” and “Playboy Club” went wrong is in the presentation of its period detail. “Vegas,” like “Mad Men,” allows the sounds and styles of the 1960s to wash over viewers in a way where the time period is obvious but isn’t directly pointed out. There aren’t winks about pregnant women smoking or comments about constant drinking (Savino does drink more or less constantly, but few others do, and there’s no attention brought to it). Most refreshingly, there are no pseudo-clever jokes made with historical hindsight. In “Vegas,” the 1960s are a backdrop, not a reason for existence … READ MORE

‘Vegas’ Season 1, Episode 4 Recap

In case you hadn’t heard, “Vegas” has been picked up for a full season by CBS, so for now everyone can rest easy about cancellation. It wasn’t likely, anyway — the show has been winning its Thursday-night timeslot with a hefty viewer load, which I (obviously) think it deserves. There’s something almost quaintly lovable about the series — it’s not loud or a whirlwind or chock-full of violence and gore and shock, but it’s good. Not great, not yet, but it’s solidly good … READ MORE

CBS Gives Full Season Orders to VEGAS and ELEMENTARY

In news that probably doesn’t surprise anyone, CBS has given the green light to its 1960s Western Vegas as well as the Sherlock-retold Elementary to complete their first seasons fully and without fear of canning.  Both series have performed very well, usually winning their time slots (10pm on Tuesdays for Vegas, 10pm on Thursdays for Elementary), and both have a steady procedural foundation which is the core of CBS’ drama wheelhouse. … READ MORE

‘Vegas’ Season 1, Episode 3 Recap

Whenever I mention that “Vegas” is worth tuning in for (which is something I should do more often since it has only a decent ratings share), the most common reaction is instantly “I loved ‘The Shield’!” Forget Dennis Quaid, forget the fact that it’s a Western or set in the ’60s — what brings so many to “Vegas” is Michael Chiklis, whose Vincent Savino is the most naturally engaging and complex of all of the show’s characters. Not to discount Quaid as Sheriff Ralph Lamb, though. Lamb is steady. He’s a good guy who says things like “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” But for fans of the Western genre, he’s just that White Hat cowboy, though Quaid plays him in an affable way that makes you wish he was protecting the streets of your own town … READ MORE

‘Vegas’ Season 1, Episode 2 Recap

Though “Vegas” hasn’t posted the numbers (yet) that CBS would like to see for a freshman drama, it reminded me of another CBS series that has always had a similar story — “The Good Wife.” Both series mask themselves as procedurals but have much more character depth than typical genre shows. Like “The Good Wife,” “Vegas'” Case of the Week in “Money Plays” was tangential to the overall plot (at best). It served not as the focus of the show but as a way to further other, more important dramatic narratives … READ MORE

‘Vegas’ Season 1, Episode 1

Westerns are making a comeback, and the broadcast networks are finally getting in on the game. While CBS churns out a great deal of popular police procedural shows (their bread and butter), they come out now and again with something truly different and great. “The Good Wife” (whose new season starts up this coming Sunday) has been the shining example until, perhaps, now. “Vegas” may take over as CBS’s best dramatic offering, coming out of the box with not only a strong pilot but an extraordinary cast … READ MORE